Your New Beginnings, Inc.: A Short History


Your New Beginnings, Inc. Mission Statement: 


To raise the public awareness of the need for social and criminal justice reform, and to provide better access to programs and services for returning citizens.  


Launched in 2018, Your New Beginnings, Inc. seeks to expand the reach of Crossroads through the development of “Crossroads Coast-to-Coast,” to expand the reach of the message on the need for criminal and social justice reform with particular attention paid to how to access programs and services to support returning citizens.  Your New Beginnings, Inc. is seeking strategic partnerships, not solely for funding, but to achieve a true collaborative effort.


Lifetime advocate Rhozier T. “Roach” Brown launched the weekly radio broadcast “Crossroads” on September 15, 2008, as a platform to advocate for criminal justice system reform in the United States, including supporting returning citizens searching for the proverbial “Second Chance.”  For 10 years, Brown broadcasted over 500 episodes of Crossroads from Washington, D.C. He featured guests from all walks of life, and they discussed topics touching on social and criminal justice reform such as barriers preventing returning citizens from accessing essential programs and services to ease their reintegration into their communities.  




Your New Beginnings, Inc. & “Crossroads Coast-to-Coast”


Rhozier T. “Roach” Brown, Executive Director and Board Member, Your New Beginnings, Inc. and Host for Crossroads Coast-to-Coast. Brown will discuss topics with guests and those calling in from around the country.  Brown will continue to coordinate, develop, and organize the lineup and subjects for each broadcast. Continuing his lifelong advocacy in criminal justice system reform, he will also provide information on essential programs and services for returning citizens. Brown will make the final decisions on topics and guests; interviews guests live on air; fields live call-in’s; and coordinates follow up responses when callers are searching for a program or service. Through the national Crossroads Coast to Coast platform, Brown will continue to remain on the front lines of the criminal justice and other social reform movements.


Brown was also the Executive Producer of the award-winning television show “Black News” for over five years, during which the show was nominated for three EMMY’s. Brown has dedicated much of his adult life to advocating for social causes.  He wrote and directed plays and documentaries that won acclaim at the New York Film Festival, Sundance, Cannes, and the International Film Festivals. The documentary “Roach” received multiple Emmy nominations and was winner of the prestigious Gabriel Award.  Brown is also a motivational speaker focused on coping with adversities and overcoming life's obstacles. 

Mertine Moore Brown, Vice President and Board Member, Your New Beginnings, Inc. and Co-host of Crossroads Coast-to-Coast. As the Communications Coordinator, Moore Brown will oversee distribution of the weekly press releases on future broadcast to over 4,300 individuals as well as coordinating the Crossroads Coast to Coast platform.  As co-host, Moore Brown will participate in discussions with guests, live call ins, and the coordination of follow up to requests received on-air, telephone, email, or mail. Moore Brown will coordinate the publicity for Crossroads Coast-to-Coast, including public service announcements PSAs and social media on the Crossroads Coast to Coast various platforms - website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram pages.


Moore Brown represent talented designers,  with 45 years of fashion experience. She was a former Wilhelmina Models International model, hired by Wilhelmina herself.  Brown also worked with Essence Magazine. Moore Brown represent talented designers, models, make-up artists, and hair and fashion stylists across the country through her company, TDG Designer’s Goldfinger. 


Diagnosed in 1999 with chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, a bone marrow transplant from her sibling saved Moore Brown’s life. Living at the National Institute of Health while undergoing treatment left Moore Brown so grateful to have received the care and treatment that she decided to dedicate her life to helping others. Among the organizations that Brown supports in addition to Your New Beginnings, Inc. are the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Freddi House emergency shelter program.

Frederick Douglass Anderson, Board Member, Your New Beginnings, Inc. Anderson has held numerous executive positions in the print, audio, and video industries over the last 30 years. A lifetime resident of Washington, D.C. Anderson has received numerous awards for his service to residents of the District of Columbia. (Outstanding Service/The Mayor’s Youth Council; The mayor’s Award for Outstanding Service on the Neighborhood Planning Council; represented Washington, D.C. as a Delegate at the white House Conference on Children and Youth). Anderson currently serves in various consulting roles within the A/V Tech and Video television production industries.


Nkechi Taifa, Esq., Co-host, Crossroads Coast-to-Coast. Taifa is the founder, principal and CEO of The Taifa Group, LLC, a social enterprise firm with a mission to advance justice. Taifa was recently appointed to the governing board of the Corrections Information Council, an independent monitoring body that provides oversight over the conditions of District residents imprisoned throughout the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the DC Department of Corrections. 


Taifa served as the Advocacy Director for Criminal Justice for the Open Society Foundations and Open Society Policy Center from 2002-2018. She focused on issues of sentencing reform, law enforcement reform, reentry, prison reform, executive clemency, and racial justice.  She also founded the Justice Roundtable coalition while at the Open Society Foundations. As the Roundtable convener, Taifa led the coalition responsible for passage of both the Second Chance Reentry Act (2008) and the Fair Sentencing Act (2010). Taifa was the founding director of the award-winning Equal Justice Program at Howard University School of Law from 1996-2002, where she also directed the Law School’s Externship Program and taught seminars on Racial Disparity in the Criminal Justice System, Public Interest Law, and the Law of Corrections and Prisoners’ Rights.  She taught as an adjunct professor at American University Washington College of Law and Howard University Law School and has also taught high school students criminal law as part of the National Bar Association’s Crump Law Camp since 2001.  


Taifa served as legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union from 1991-1996 where she was the principal spokesperson on criminal justice and civil rights issues; policy counsel for the Women’s Legal Defense Fund from 1989-1991; staff attorney for the National Prison Project from 1984-1987; Office Manager and Network Organizer for the Washington Office on Africa from 1980-1983; elementary school teacher at Nation House Watoto School from 1977-1980, and as founder and director of a Saturday School for youth during the 1970s. She also maintained a general criminal and civil law practice in the District of Columbia between 1987-1991, representing indigent adult and juvenile clients, and specializing in employment discrimination law.

Jackie Craig-Bey, Associate Producer and Production Assistant, Crossroads Coast-to-Coast.  Craig-Bey has over 10 years of experience in researching topics and subjects for Crossroads broadcasts, contacting and arranging for guest appearances, preparing and distributing press releases and information, and providing technical support for all remote broadcasts.  Craig-Bey will also coordinate future Crossroads Coast to Coast productions on the various pages of the platform.