Often a situation requires making an important choice at the meeting of a figurative “crossroads.”   Today, the United States finds itself at a crossroad between criminal justice and social justice reform, and returning citizens find themselves in need of access to essential programs and services.  Social justice advocacy efforts are needed where inequality lurks because of unjust prejudices and policies. 


Lifetime advocate Rhozier T. “Roach” Brown launched the weekly radio broadcast “Crossroads” on September 15, 2008, as a platform to advocate for criminal justice system reform in the United States, including supporting returning citizens searching for the proverbial “Second Chance.”  For over 10 years, Brown and his staff have volunteered their time to broadcast over 500 episodes of Crossroads from Washington, D.C.   He features guests from all walks of life, and they discuss topics touching on social and criminal justice reform.



Your New Beginnings, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was formed in 2018 to develop and create the “Crossroads Coast-to-Coast” social media platforms and communities to expand the reach of the need for for criminal and social justice reform.  Particular attention paid to how to access programs and services to support returning citizens.  Your New Beginnings, Inc. is seeking strategic partnerships to achieve a true collaborative effort.



With over 10 years of experience successfully producing and broadcasting a weekly radio show focused on social justice reform of the criminal justice system, our management team is well-positioned to successfully implement Crossroads Coast-to-Coast.  


The mission statement of Crossroads Coast-to-Coast is to advance the charitable and educational activities of Your New Beginnings, Inc. by expanding needed social and criminal justice reform.  Crossroads Coast-to-Coast seeks to inform returning citizens about essential programs and services in their communities.   We promote the core values of racial equality and economic self-sufficiency for those returning from decades of incarceration.



 The Crossroads Coast-to-Coast Program seeks to accomplish its mission statement by:


  • Educating the public on issues and facts relating to the history of the criminal justice system and needed reforms


  • Encouraging individuals to develop positive habits and beliefs, conduct research, and become an advocate in their communities


  • Encouraging individuals to use social media, volunteer, and support reform efforts at the local, state, and national levels


  • Providing returning citizens knowledge about and access to essential and needed resources to achieve their goal of financial stability


The goal of Crossroads Coast-to-Coast is to be a national, unifying “voice” and outlet for social justice and criminal justice reform efforts by educating and inviting the public to participate in creating the “justice” in America’s criminal justice system.



Crossroads Coast-to-Coast seeks to accomplish these goals by developing strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations to develop, launch, and operate:

  • Bi-weekly podcasts with guests broadcast live over our Facebook page and published in full or selected clips, on our social media platforms.


  • Weekly 2 hour YouTube video broadcast live with guests as well as being available on our other social media platforms.


  • Ongoing posts to our Twitter and Instagram pages which will also be available for viewing from our website, YouTube channel, Facebook page promoted through Google ads.


  • Weekly updates through our email distribution using Constant Contact including a monthly Newsletter.  mycrossroadsdc@gmail.com.


  • Ongoing emails through our  reentrynews@gmail.com account to those that are currently incarcerated.


  • Regular email updates on relevant topics to our Crossroads Coast to Coast community.  mycrossroadsdc@gmail.com.



Weekly topics are chosen to advance Crossroads Coast-to-Coast’s mission statement, core values, and goals and objectives. Participating organizations that collaborate with our effort will be invited to participate in one of the weekly broadcasts.  For example, organizations providing programs and services to returning citizens on the local, regional, and national level will be invited as guests to describe their services to expand awareness.  And, of course, Crossroads Coast-to-Coast, can draw on a database of over 500 broadcasts with weekly guest appearances and topics for inspiration.  There will be weekly updates of the upcoming topics and guest appearances for members of the expanding Crossroads community.

Raising public awareness of available services and programs to returning citizens, and the public in general, is essential to deliver those programs and services.  Community engagement in alignment with our mission, goals, and values is the focus of the  last hour of the broadcast open for listeners to call in with comments or questions. This valuable part of broadcast often raises topics of interest for future programming and helps those seeking to navigate the criminal justice system.  For example, on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, a resident from Washington, DC, called in to thank the hosts for information provided almost three years previously. The caller’s grandson was falsely accused of a crime in Texas, and Brown referred the caller to resources that helped the caller resolve the situation. 

Crossroads Coast-to-Coast will provide a national platform for the hosts and weekly guests to advance solutions for systems reform in the American criminal justice system and provide direction for individuals re-entering society. Examples of topics that address the consequential issues in the criminal justice system include:

  • Advancing social, economic, and racial justice in the United States


  • Discussing the causes and consequences of mass incarceration including racial disparities


  • Sharing information on access to resources for people impacted by the criminal justice system, e.g., reentry for returning citizens


  • Hearing testimonials from incarcerated people who experienced the inequities of the criminal justice system


  • Interviewing problem-solvers who favor meaningful criminal justice system reform


  • Discussing the “collateral consequences” of incarceration: Probation, parole, supervised release, and challenges in finding self-sustaining employment




The Crossroads Community will emerge from the development of a social media presence to complement Crossroads Coast-to-Coast that will include:



The Crossroads Community -  reentrynews@gmail.com - will use Constant Contact as well as other electronic platforms to establish a national community of incarcerated individuals, returning citizens, and their families, friends and supporters.  Our email campaign to establish the Crossroads Community will be focused; our goal is to encourage the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated to add to our email list by encouraging their friends, families and supporters to join.  Together we can create a true “community” to help bring public awareness and needed change while providing the incarcerated and returning citizens with knowledge of available programs and services. 



If you would like to learn more or join us in our mission please contact us:

By phone – 240-988-3548

By email –  mycrossroadsdc@gmail.com

If you would like to learn more or join us in our mission, please contact us:


By phone – 202-749-6033

By email – mycrossroadsdc@gmail.com